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Raymond K. Hat bewertet 5/5

Wife and I met friends here for a genuine bouchon meal and were not disappionted. Our reservation was for 8:00 and the place was mostly empty when we arrived, but quickly filled. I'm glad our friends are French because I wouldn't have had any idea what the menu said. The first part of the meal was served family style with multiple large bowls of different dishes. Included were various types of sausage, legumes, pickled beets, pickled veal feet, pates, etc, all quite tasty (except beets which I'm not fond of). Our entrees arrived on separate plates. Mine was ris de veau, veal sweetbreads with morel mushrooms in a cream sauce, very tasty and rich, but more than I could finish. Wife had the andouillet, a large sausage in a rich brown sauce, which she enjoyed as well. We had a nice beaujolais to share. Dessert was again served family style with several choices including rice pudding, custard and a big fluffy bowl of egg whites on which you spooned a delicious cream sauce. I highly recommend this place for some really good local food. The staff was friendly and accommodating throughout the meal and served us both an aperatif and a digestif drink. I caution that if you are not OK with offal foods, this may not be for you.

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Nicolas N. Hat bewertet 5/5

Excellent et n'oubliez pas de finir avec un Jacoulot !!!

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CHRISTIAN D. Hat bewertet 5/5

Le très bon bouchon lyonnais sais confirmé très copieux et très bon très convivial et chaleureux très bonne formule, je reviendrais et je le recommanderai sans hésiter

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Jean Hugues M. Hat bewertet 4/5

Très convivial, très bon et copieux, très bon rapport qualité prix

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Tom B. Hat bewertet 2/5

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Vincent G. Hat bewertet 5/5

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Carole A. Hat bewertet 5/5

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Julien R. Hat bewertet 5/5

Rien à dire ! Juste parfait

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Pauline L. Hat bewertet 5/5

Une ambiance conviviale et un repas plus que bon. Je recommande sans hésiter !

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André M. Hat bewertet 4/5

Lieu authentique à recommander

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